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Our history
In 1995, psychologist Kees van Driel of the University of Amsterdam completed his studies with a model that he developed about why readers enjoyed some books but not others. Despite van Van Driel changing to the world of business from university, he maintained strong links with various universities. Assisted through the TU Delft, Van Driel obtained his doctorate in January 2003 in the WNI faculty of the University of Amsterdam with the multi-disciplinary thesis:Psychology of Entertainment.

In the process of his thesis research, he sought the psychological
explanation for the formation of judgments about cultural products. His original model from 1995 was a eventually confirmed. The basis for forming a judgment was found in cognitive processing, that is the customer experience.

The method by which the experience was made measurable, was originally just the means of explaining the evaluation. After his doctoral study, Van Driel founded MyPsychology – after eight years of testing the experience meter for education and the business world was brought onto the market.