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True customer experience as marketingtool
Marketing research
Marketers in the very beginning were already seeking information about the experiences and the behaviour of the customer. Before the Internet era collection of information was hopeless work. Using the more readily available democratic characteristics, marketers had a solution and although these said little about the actual buying behaviour of the customer, they appeared useful for some typical products.
Customer experience and segmentation of customer groups
This was before the customer experience was made measurable. Through direct measurement of the customer experience, MPN segments customer groups on the basis of how they experience the product itself. This makes it possible for a business to work out which different experience segments there are and how they experience the product. In this way a business assisted by MPM can properly react to the different requirements of different customer groups.
Of course it made little sense to advertise for a lawnmower in an apartment block, that the marketers of most products appeared to have no or little demographic information. The customer experience and evaluation of the product tell the business far more than where the customer lives or what they earn.