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CE5M: your solution, our approach!
CE5M describes the 5 M's of Customer Experience. The M's form the steps of a total Customer Experience path and describe the components of your customer experience solution.

Customer Experience Modelling (Masterclass) During a university level masterclass your co-workers are made familiar with the ins and outs of modelling Customer Experience. Soon it will be made clear:
  • What customer experience exactly is
  • Why the earlier attempt to measure Customer experience failed.
Customer Experience Management. The management of the customer experience can only begins with the dashboard, because the missing link of customer experience is added to the chain of customer measurements – customer characteristics, customer behaviour, customer valuation and loyalty.

Customer Experience Marketing – in addition, marketers can profile products and services and segment customer groups on the basis of actual customer experience.
  • That customer experience can be properly measured.
Customer Experience Measurement:  customer experience is different for every product and every business. Therefore for every sector, product or business, a tailor-made dashboard is developed.

Customer Experience Mining: Because this concerns a new concept, there is a period where the connection with existing measurements is examined and checks are made with the things that increase customer experience.