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Since ancient times entertainment has been an essential part of daily life. We cannot imagine not having its influence in the community.

Film, Theatre, Museums, Events….
After visiting the cinema, people talk about what they’ve seen. Every visitor in their own words: “That was heart-warming” or “that was spine-chilling”. Interesting remarks, but what is actually the temperature?
MPN produces a version that is engaging for the public and ensures discussion after the end of a performance. Organisers of events, exhibitions and performances can find indications in these results that allow them to selectively improve their services. Creators of various forms of art can find information and inspiration in a structured way from their own public to further strengthen their offerings
How did people really experience this film? With the experience meters of MPN, you can create a report of what you have experienced expressed in simple, consistent values. For the entertainment world, this is a great way to provide additional service and also monitor public perception. The experience meter allows visitors to answer some questions at the conclusion after which they get their own report.