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At the end of a game, it is important for the player and the trainer to know a game has gone. An evaluation can help players perform better and enjoy their game more. Of course we ask each other “How did you find that went?” MPN has developed an instrument to ask this question in a uniform and structured way.
This can be a good way for you and your coach to gain insight in your view of the game and see where your view differs from others and the opinion of the coach.
is as close as possible to reality. Through considering the perception of the players in the evaluation, I can take note of aberrations and look for their reasons.”
                  Hans Kelder, national trainer of the Dutch women’s bridge team, technical director NOC*NSF
“Bridge has a large element of psychology. Therefore it is a very useful exercise to evaluate tournaments psychologically. Evaluation of everything that happens on the bridge table is important to improve the partnership, but also to see how you actually deal with your opponents. In order to do your best, It is essential that your own perception