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Education is one of the most important target groups of MPN. The tools are focus on the personal development and give the student insight in their own experience all various things, particularly the experience of Literary and other cultural products such as film, theatre and sport. This does not focus on reading and writing skills, but the competence in the cognitive area: “ How do I experience a certain novel?”, “how do I experience my own game?
Students have the possibility of looking at their competencies in a different way. Through web-based input, computer and Internet use is also stimulated. Teachers can give on-line assignments and see the reports from their students.
Education This gives the teacher insight in the experience all the student. In addition, to the teacher can recommend, for example, the next book, or can I ask questions about the reported experience. The instruments do not simply ask what the student found, but indicate on a psychological level how much a student was stimulated by, for example, a particular film or for how their contribution to a match was experienced cognitively.